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Upgrade your Lumintell™ Smart City solution

with IoT & data harvesting when you need to

Thanks to the Lumintell™ Integration services and your existing street lighting infrastructure, you can connect your city luminaires and IoT sensors via the Lumintell™ IoT Plugins option and at the same time benefit from the integrated Lumintell™ Maintenance and Service platform, to cover your external IoT hardware.


Lumintell™ offers an API which allows you to harvest data and create data analytics through external partners, while securing the sensor hardware integration into the Lumintell™ Maintenance & Service Platform. The Lumintell™ API secures future opportunities to integrate the Lumintell™ solution into an external ecosystem.

SmartCity_lumintell_icons 2.jpg

Lumintell™ Integration services

with optional IoT Plugins


This flexible solution allows you to harvest smart data, which can be used to improve public services such as monitoring and analyzing road temperature and conditions to develop safer roads, or monitoring and measuring air quality allowing you to map areas of high pollution, track changes over time, identify polluters, and analyze potential interventions. Intelligent streetlights can be used for many different applications.


The number of applications that can be supported, and the sophistication of those applications are endless, and depend mostly on the city objectives and priorities.

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