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Talca, Chile on its way to becoming a Smart City

Novalume Smart City Lighting solutions will illuminate the streets of Talca and Contulmo, two municipalities in Chile, thanks to the installation of 28,000 new Led and connected street lights with Lumintell™ Smart City system.

In Talca, 27,000 LED DRAKE street lights have been installed, which means 66% of annual reduction in electricity consumption and 2,227 tons of annual reduction in CO2 emissions. Talca is 250 kilometers South of Santiago and is known for wheat crops, manufacturing, and wine production. The new LED lighting installation with Lumintell™ is one of the biggest lighting project with Wi-Fi ever done in Chile.

Approximately 400 kilometers south of Talca is Contulmo, another municipality that is also looking for big energy savings and smart systems from new LED lighting solutions. Novalume has also installed 937 LED street lights and park lights in the city.

Both municipal LED lighting systems will be equipped with Lumintell™, a Smart City and Lighting Management system that allows the LED street lights to be controlled remotely. This allows municipal representatives to dim the LED lights at times when full power isn’t needed. Residential areas can be dimmed at night, while highways stay at full power. This smart tool gives to municipalities the power to light intelligently by lowering the energy level when full power is not required. This extends significantly the lifetime of their LED luminaires and lets them save even more energy and money.

As an added bonus, the LED lights will also have a public Wi-Fi network that allows residents to stay connected online and the municipality to improve public services.

“The Wi-Fi can enable a better communication in the town and connect people on an educational level, a municipal level, and with ambulances and police,” says Juan Chávez, head of Novalume Chile. “Everyone can be connected, and there are many benefits for residents, tourists and the municipality itself.”

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