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Novalume supports the UN Global Compact and contributes to the UN SDGs

In addition to its continued support for the Global Compact since 2017, Novalume takes action to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For the third year, Novalume has submitted its annual Communication on Progress (CoP) as part of its continued support of the United Nations Global Compact.

You can find the new report here:

Novalume’s activity relevant to the SDGs and the targets that it helps achieve is outlined in the graphic below and the last section of the Novalume´s COP 2020.

Novalume’s CoP 2020 is also available on the Download page of Novalume’s corporate website ( and on the UN Global Compact website (

We sincerely hope that this new report will also inspire others, whatever their size, to start working with the UN SDGs.

The next Communication on Progress will be published in October 2021.


About the United Nations Global Compact

If you want to know more about the UN Global Compact, please visit:

About the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

For more information about the UN SDGs, please visit:


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