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Seas-Nve Udelys installs Lumintell™ Smart-City solution in Danish municipality

The Lumintell™ Smart City Solution is the selected technology to create a “state-of-the-art“ Smart-City lighting installation in Danish Municipality.

This new order of approximately 3.800 Lumintell Nodes LCU and CCU (Gateway) will provide smart, energy-efficient, and cost-effective connected LED streetlighting in Denmark. The project order is placed by our customer & ESCO Partner Seas-Nve – the biggest ESCO in Denmark, and the system will be TALQ integrated with CityLinx.

This solution starts to being rolled out across Denmark and will help municipalities meet their climate targets and transition to the latest wireless light management technology available on the smart street lighting market.

This approach not only provides a major reduction in networking design and installation costs compared to conventional networking designs, but also allows municipalities to benefit from significant financial and environmental benefits such as:

  • Reducing energy consumption by upwards of 30%,

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by upwards of 30%,

  • Reducing service and maintenance costs between 30 and 50%.

“Our goal is to help municipalities become more efficient and save energy. The possibility to combine Danish technology with a Danish solution for the Danish market reflects our position as a leading Danish energy group with a clear intention to invest in green technology and the green transition,” says Helge Lang Pedersen*, Head of Department at SEAS-NVE Udelys.

From Q4 2021, the installation and deployment of the plug and play Lumintell nodes will start, and this is very good news for Danish municipalities. Thanks to the Lumintell™ solution and cities newly connected LED streetlights, municipalities will kick-start their mission to meet climate targets.

As Helge Lang Pedersen points out, “The public is becoming increasingly aware of climate change, and we believe that municipalities will be put under increasing pressure to be energy efficient. If the individual is being asked to reduce energy consumption and follow environmentally friendly practices at home, how come the streetlights in the woods are on all night when you can easily connect a sensor that only brightens the light when someone comes by?”

“Or, conversely, there are areas where the lights are switched off entirely during certain periods, resulting in increased risk and insecurity for the public. We give municipalities the ability to optimise street lighting according to local needs. They are able to fine-tune the lighting to suit users’ needs while simultaneously achieving major energy savings and environmental benefits,” says Jakob Meiland Hansen, CSO of Novalume Solutions.

Learn more about Lumintell here:

Watch this video to know more:

* Source: Berlingske Newspaper, the 27th of May 2021 (Smart Cities Insert)


NOVALUME Solutions has successfully installed wireless solutions in municipalities across the globe since 2016. With their Lumintell solution, a small piece of wireless hardware – a so-called “node” – is installed onto each streetlight. This node is then connected to an online software platform. From here, the light can be controlled with help from sensor signals regarding weather, traffic and other inputs.

Contact us today to book a live demonstration of the Lumintell Smart City solution: Jakob Meiland Hansen, CSO –, +45 35 37 88 88, +45 51 31 53 00.


SEAS-NVE Udelys (Outdoor Lighting) is a part of the co-operative energy and fibre optic group, Andel. The company develops and sells intelligent and innovative solutions within data collection and lighting control, serving municipalities, utility companies and private businesses. One of these solutions is the CityLinx Smart City platform, which enables municipalities to control street lighting and thereby ensure road safety and public security all from the same place. Read more about SEAS-NVE Udelys at


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