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Novalume was in Chile with a sustainable cities business delegation

In March Novalume was part of a Danish business delegation on sustainable cities that travelled to Santiago de Chile.

The event, organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Danish Embassy in Chile, gave Danish companies the chance to meet members of the government, city authorities, major developers and other key players invested in urban development projects in Chile.

Urbanization challenges

Chile faces challenges due to the high rate of urbanization in the country, which has some of the most densely populated urban areas in the region.

Decision makers in Chile are keen to develop sustainable infrastructure, with focus areas including energy efficiency, air pollution, and improving the quality of public services.

Lumintell™ as a solution

Novalume’s CSO, Jakob Meiland Hansen, attended events with decision makers and presented Lumintell™ as a solution to address some of the local challenges in Chile.

Lumintell™ serves both as a completely wireless LMS and a Smart City platform in one system and can be used to upgrade a city’s existing lighting infrastructure, making it cost-effective and quick to deploy.

As well as reducing lighting energy consumption and COemissions by up to 75%, Lumintell™ can easily incorporate IoT sensors with a range of applications, from air quality monitoring to security and streamlining public services.

Lumintell™ is already installed on 27,000 streetlights in the Chilean city of Talca. Read more here.

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