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Novalume Solutions attended the EXPO 2020 in Dubaï

Last week, the Danish Pavilion at #EXPO2020 officially opened for guests and audience. On the pavilion, Christian Overgaard, Chairman of the Board and co-founder, and Jakob Meiland Hansen, co-founder, introduced Novalume Solutions during the Danish Sustainability Days. Between their meetings with city officials and professionals, they have explained how the Lumintell™ Smart City lighting solution can reduce cities’ energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 30% while drastically reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

If you were not in Dubaï, don't worry take contact with Kim Asmussen, to plan a live demo of the Lumintell Smart City solution in our showroom or digitally.

More info about Novalume Solutions here:

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About Expo 2020

#expodubai2020 is bringing the entire world together with 200+ pavilions, 191 country-focused pavilions and 60+ daily shows across 6 months further solidifying the countries commitment to an accelerating economic recovery in a safe and hassle free environment.

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About Novalume Solutions

Novalume is an innovative Danish company that works towards greener and smarter lighting solutions for municipalities around the world. Lumintell™ is a unique smart streetlighting solution that serves both as a completely wireless LMS and maintenance platform for launching Smart City applications in one user-friendly system. Learn more here:

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