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Novalume’s participation in the March 2019 Danish State Visit to Argentina

Last month Novalume was a member of the official Danish business delegation that travelled to Buenos Aires on the occasion of a State Visit by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

Danish-Argentinian trade opportunities

The main purpose of the visit was to encourage commercial relations between Denmark and Argentina. It was therefore extremely relevant for Novalume, as an opportunity to strengthen our strong ties to Latin America, where we already have branch offices in both Chile and Colombia.

Novalume’s CSO, Jakob Meiland Hansen, and representatives of other leading Danish companies participated in the full program of visits, seminars and networking events.

Economic growth and government reforms in Argentina are creating demand for many of the core competencies of Danish companies, including in the sustainability and energy sectors.

Demand for cleantech and Smart City technology

Clean energy transition and more livable cities are central to Argentina’s policy goals. About 90% of the Argentinian population lives in urban areas and the government has implemented ambitious initiatives for turning the country’s cities into cleaner, safer and more enjoyable places to be.

As a Smart City and LED lighting solutions provider for the public sector, Novalume took the opportunity to outline the importance of energy-efficient street lighting projects for municipalities in Argentina. These EE projects present a wide range of environmental and economic benefits (reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 75%), as well as making towns and cities more attractive places to live and conduct business.

Lumintell™ as a Smart City solution

These projects provide opportunities to implement innovative solutions (including IoT) to infrastructure challenges. Novalume’s Lumintell™ solution combines energy-efficient lighting with an IoT-ready network for launching Smart City projects, with applications such as environmental protection, security and the optimization of public services.

With its completely wireless operation and quick deployment, Lumintell™ makes it easy for municipalities to ensure that streets are uncluttered and well-lit, and that cities are better places to be for residents, businesses and tourists.

More info about Novalume’s complete Smart City solutions here

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