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Novalume’s Lumintell™ demonstration network is live at the DOLL Living Lab

Novalume has completed the installation of a Lumintell™ smart street lighting network at the DOLL Living Lab, Europe’s leading living lab for intelligent lighting and Smart City services.

DOLL provides an outdoor environment – 400 acres located in Glostrup, to the west of Copenhagen, Denmark – for municipalities and international delegations, where Novalume can demonstrate its LED streetlights with the Lumintell™ solution in real time. Novalume’s installation is conveniently located next to the visitor center.

The benefits of Lumintell™ on display

Lumintell™ is a complete Smart City solution that connects an unlimited number of luminaires in one network. With smart dimming options, it provides up to 20% additional energy savings on top of the savings from switching to LED lighting. Reports and energy-savings analysis let city officials take data-driven decisions about their lighting.

Visitors to DOLL will have the opportunity to access these features on the Lumintell™ Front End – an easy-to-use interface for city officials. There is also access at DOLL to the powerful Lumintell™ Back End and the Deployment and Maintenance App for technical staff.

The app, with GPS positioning and NFC technology, together with the plug-and-play Lumintell™ Node, makes deployment of Lumintell™ fast and cost-effective. The interplay between the Back End and the app simplifies the maintenance workflow, with real-time task management and easier maintenance planning.

Lumintell™ is a future-proof solution with ready-for-future connectivity and wireless technologies. It is expandable with Wi-Fi and transforms your existing lighting infrastructure into a Smart City platform, thanks to the IoT-ready network, by seamlessly integrating the next generation of sensors to improve public services.

Visit and see for yourself

Novalume extends an invitation to all public decision makers, ESCOs, OEMs, and anyone else who may have an interest in Novalume’s complete Smart City solutions to visit the new installation at DOLL. Or request a visit from Novalume and we can quickly set up a demonstration network using the Lumintell™ demo kit with your selected streetlights.

Several municipalities have already chosen the Novalume solution with Lumintell™. Contact us today.

More info about the DOLL Living Lab here. More info about the Lumintell™ Smart City and Lighting Management System here

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