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Novalume is pleased to announce its new partnership with Light By Sweden

Light By Sweden is the new distributor of the unique Lumintell™ solution for Smart cities in Sweden.

Energy-efficiency is more and more important part of any organisation - public or private, and there is a growing need to reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce operational and maintenance costs for municipalities. Since the Covid-19 crisis, this need becomes even more urgent!

With extensive knowledge of both lamp manufacturing and lighting, Light By Sweden offers both top-quality lighting products and professional lighting services.

Thanks to the Lumintell™ solution, Light By Sweden will be able to connect the public lighting with the plug-and-play Lumintell™ Nodes and create wireless Smart City lighting solutions, allowing Swedish municipalities to reduce significantly their energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and at the same time save up to 50% on their maintenance costs.

Learn more about Lumintell™ for Sweden here:


About Light By Sweden

Light By Sweden was founded in 2015 in Tenhult, Småland, outside Jönköping. A stated goal since the start has been to become the installers' best partner, to create light and flexible luminaires that you install in the simplest possible way. Their luminaires are therefore developed with a strong focus on the installer.

More info about Light By Sweden:

If you are also interested in becoming a Novalume partner or distributor, contact us here:

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