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Novalume is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Kauko International Group

Since last week, Kauko International is the exclusive distributor of the unique Lumintell™ solution for Smart cities – in Finland and Vietnam.

Energy-efficiency is more and more important part of any organisation - public or private, and there is a growing need to reduce energy consumption, operational and maintenance costs. During this difficult time, this need becomes even more urgent.

Together, we will be able to connect the public lighting and create wireless Smart City solutions, allowing finnish and vietnamese municipalities to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.


About Kauko International

Kauko International is a Finnish based company and a modern trade & project house with almost 70 years of experience in international trade. Today they operate in 22 countries, and represent well-known manufacturers and high-tech companies. Kauko International is specialised in bioproduct, energy efficient and environmental technologies. Main focus is to integrate products and services into solutions best suited for each customer and project.

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