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Novalume invests in the Global Market for LED and Smart City Technology

The Danish consortium Novalume – led by Jakob Meiland (CEO), John Kyvsgaard (CFO), Kim Krahl Larsen (COO), Christian Overgaard (Chairman) and Per Christensen (Vice-Chairman), is based on a strong international management group.

Novalume pursues the expansion of its customer base, markets and scope of services in Scandinavia, Europe, Latin America and Asia and is managing several large Smart City LED lighting installations around the globe. Currently, Novalume has completed the installation of 27,000 LED streetlights and has started the implementation of Lumintell™ Smart City Platform in the city of Talca, Chile. Furthermore, the lighting installation will also be upgraded by the capacity to generate public Wi-Fi so Talca residents can get online, wherever they are in the city.


Novalume is a Danish innovative Smart City company that works towards greener and smarter lighting solutions. Thanks to its lighting expertise, technology partners and collaboration with worldwide financial institutions, Novalume provides LED lighting and Smart City solutions with a “Pay-as-you-save“ financial model that allow its clients across the globe to quickly seize the economic and environmental benefits of the best LED technology.

Smart City Lighting Solutions

Novalume delivers Smart City lighting solutions with energy optimisation for the public sector and simply uses a part of the electricity savings to finance the Smart City upgrade of its customers.

  1. Novalume delivers advanced LED lighting infrastructure for Smart Cities – We reduce your city’s energy consumption, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions by up to 75%.

  2. Novalume provides Lumintell™ Smart City and IoT-ready infrastructure – We enable you to make your city more efficient, more intelligent and more sustainable.

  3. Novalume offers “Pay-as-you-save“ Financing Plans – Novalume can eliminate capital expenditure and uses the generated savings to cover the payments.

LUMINTELL™ – Smart City and Lighting Management System

Novalume’s is further developing the Lumintell™ Smart City and Lighting Management System that allows its customers to manage easily their lighting network and smart city data from sensors –online and in real-time. Since 2015, Lumintell™ systems have already accumulated a total of 2 billion running hours and have been installed in several municipalities worldwide.

“Hundreds of cities around the world are switching to LED lighting and building Smart City infrastructure, and the social, economic and environmental benefits are already being documented. Thanks to your existing street lighting infrastructure and our LUMINTELL™ Smart City network, we can connect your city, reduce dramatically your energy consumption maintenance costs and C02 emissions, provide in real-time smart data from sensors, and make your city more efficient, intelligent and sustainable. Intelligent lighting control and monitoring, as well as Smart City functions, are key factors for cities today and will become even more important in the future. Our Lumintell system provides future-proof solutions for municipalities”  affirms Jakob Meiland Hansen, CEO of Novalume

A highly experienced management team is responsible for the daily management, organization, accounting and development of the Novalume company worldwide.

  • Jakob Meiland Hansen, CEO and Board Member

Jakob Meiland Hansen is Chief Executive Officer in charge of managing Novalume A/S. For 30 years, Jakob has globally occupied executive strategic and managerial positions in the technology sector. The last 11 Years as CTO at Glamox AS in Norway. Contact:, +4551315300.

  • John Kyvsgaard, CFO

John Kyvsgaard is Chief Financial Officer in charge of managing the Novalume nan- cial department and reporting to the Novalume board. With an MBA and more than 30 years of experience in nance, John has occupied key positions in IT, Financial and Consulting industry as CFO and Managing Director in a wide range of Danish and international companies such as Fortis Lease and Merkantildata. Contact:, +4546162509.

  • Kim Krahl Larsen, COO

Kim Krahl Larsen is Chief Operating Officer and responsible for the daily operation of the company. Kim has also the leadership of the product manufacturing process, logistics and purchasing. The last 30 years, Kim has occupied different managerial positions such as Operations Director for Mobylife, Customer Service Manager Nordics for HTC and Channel Service Manager for Canon. Contact:, +4546162512.

  • Christian Monrad Overgaard, Chairman of the Board

Christian Monrad Overgaard is a private investor and advises companies on turnarounds and growth strategies. Former President of Danfoss China and Associate Partner at McKinsey & Co, Christian resided 12 years in China. He has been moderator for sessions on green technologies and smart cities at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin 2014 and recently received the Honour Award for Danish Export Contributions from HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark.

  • Per Christensen, Vice-Chairman of the Board

Per Christensen is a private investor and remains associated with Axcel as Senior Advisor. For 15 years he has been a partner at Axcel, where he worked with the acquisition and development of industrial and service companies. Per Christensen has an industrial background from AP Møller Group and as a consultant for McKinsey & Co.

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