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Novalume in Jakarta for the Indonesian 100 Smart Cities Movement summit

Novalume’s CSO, Jakob Meiland Hansen, is in Jakarta this week for the 2019 summit of the Indonesian 100 Smart Cities Movement. Delegates from as many as 75 Indonesian municipalities and regions are gathering as part of the project, launched in 2017, to create 100 Smart Cities in the country.

Lumintell™ as a Smart City launchpad

Jakob was on stage on Monday to address the summit and shared his insights about the challenges and opportunities presented by becoming a Smart City.

There was also a lot of interest in Novalume’s booth, where visitors could learn about and experience how Lumintell™ provides a platform for seamlessly integrating IoT sensors into existing city infrastructure for launching Smart City applications.

Technology for cities of the future

The 100 Smart Cities Movement is an example of how the Indonesian government is energetically pushing for Smart City initiatives and the use of technology to better the lives of its population.

Jakob met with Indonesia’s Communications and Information Minister, Johnny G. Plate, who is one of the driving forces behind the movement, and exchanged ideas about cities of the future.

In a tweet on Monday, Mr Plate emphasized that ’Smart City’ is not just a slogan, but an effort to streamline public services using smart devices.


About Lumintell™

Lumintell™ is a future-proof solution with ready-for-future connectivity and wireless technologies. It is expandable with Wi-Fi and transforms your existing lighting infrastructure into a Smart City platform, thanks to the IoT-ready network, by seamlessly integrating the next generation of sensors to improve public services. Read more here

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