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Novalume has shown off the latest in LED streetlight technology in Santiago, Chile

The 2017 International Exhibition of Digital Development in Chile (EIDD, 18-19 October, 2017) is described by the organizers as “ the largest gathering in Chile between public authorities, municipalities, companies and residents for the development of digital technologies in smart cities of Chile and Latin America“. The 2017 edition has been organized by the State Modernization and Digital Government Unit of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency.

During the event, Novalume has given visitors a unique insight into how LED Streetlights are an integral part of Smart City design and the digital development of the city. These two days have also been a great opportunity for Novalume to meet key ministries, government agencies and municipalities of Chile, interested in reducing significantly their energy costs and carbon footprint, implementing smart systems with energy optimisations and sensors, and promoting the use of information and communication technologies via Public Wi-Fi to improve public services and the management of their smart cities. Looking forward to attend the 2018 edition!

More info about EIDD CHILE 2017 here.

More info about the LUMINTELL™ Smart City and Lighting Management System here.



Novalume is an innovative Danish company that works towards greener and smarter lighting solutions for municipalities around the world. Thanks to its “Pay-as-you-save“ financial model, Novalume is able to deliver complete Smart City Lighting solutions that make investing in LED and Smart City technology pay for itself from day one. No upfront investment is needed, your savings pay for your Smart City upgrade! Learn more here:


27,000 streetlights in the municipality of Talca, Chile with Lumintell™ Smart City and Public Wi-fi.

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