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Novalume attended the 1st International Congress for Public Lighting and Smart Cities in Bogóta, Col

This first edition (14-15 August 2018) of the International Congress for Public Lighting has been a great success and a good opportunity for Novalume to showcase LUMINTELL™ Smart City to city officials.

Since street lighting is an important source of energy consumption in LAC countries and will be even more important in the future according to the International Energy Agency (50-54% growth by 2030), solutions need to be found today. This means that city leaders need to evaluate from a cost and operation efficiency perspective which luminaire and communication network technologies are best able to support their energy savings and Smart City initiatives.

Lumintell™ Smart City

With LUMINTELL™ and our smart LED street lights, Novalume can drastically reduce the energy costs and CO2 emissions of its customers by up to 75%. Furthermore, thanks to its collaboration with international financial institutions in Latin America and its ‘Pay-as-you-save’ financial model, Novalume offers a payment plan that makes investing in LED and Smart City technology pay for itself from day one. No CAPEX, the generated savings pay for your Smart City upgrade. A powerful statement that drew lots of attention during the congress…

“Thanks to your existing street lighting infrastructure and the LUMINTELL™ network, you can quickly connect your city, reduce significantly your energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs, get smart data from sensors and make your city more intelligent, efficient and sustainable“ said Mr J. Rodriguez, Technical Sales Manager at Novalume Colombia and speaker during the event.

Looking forward to attend the 2019 edition as sponsor and exhibitor again!


The First International Congress for Public Lighting and Smart Cities is committed to be the place to accelerate the smart cities agenda, to identify business opportunities, establish partnership, optimize the potentialities of public lighting, improve regulations and cultivate a better knowledge amongst governmental authorities, policymakers, lighting operators and Smart City solution providers. For its first edition, more that 400 attendees and all key players in Colombia have been gathered. More info (in spanish):



Novalume is an innovative Danish company that works towards greener and smarter lighting solutions for municipalities around the world. Thanks to its “Pay-as-you-save“ financial model, Novalume is able to deliver complete Smart City Lighting solutions that make investing in LED and Smart City technology pay for itself –from day one. No upfront investment is needed, your savings pay for your Smart City upgrade! Learn more here:

Project Reference:  27,000 streetlights in the municipality of Talca, Chile with Lumintell™ Smart City and Public Wi-fi.

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