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“New system for smart street lighting allows the municipality of Contulmo to save energy...“

“New system for smart street lighting allows the municipality of Contulmo to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions“ Article in “El Sur Concepción“ Newspaper, the 2nd of July, 2020.

The Mayor Mr. Mauricio Lebrecht is proud to show his new Smart City-ready LED Street Lighting installation to the citizens of Contulmo. With the new LED streetlights and wireless Smart City management solution from the Danish technology company Novalume, the city is now taking a major step to becoming a green municipality.

Smart Wireless technology

The Lumintell™ system from Novalume connect all the streetlights via a build-in wireless smart technology enabling the city to effectively control the lighting network. The system automatically turns the light on and off, and dims the light according to time, dusk and dawn and the instructions from the municipal technical staff.

The new light management system is able to save to the municipality 49% of the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The system has been installed in the street by the technicians from Novalume, and the Major and his staff are very pleased with this project.

“We have had a very positive experience with the local staff from Novalume and we are sure that we have chosen the best system for our city“, says Mayor Mauricio Lebrecht.

The Lumintell™ System is controlled by a software and the municipality has access to the software via Internet. This online application allows us to manage the network without being physically in the office.

Contulmo is ready for the future

All around the world, municipalities are working towards a greener future, and Contulmo is now in the forefront of this development. Furthermore, the Lumintell™ system is opening a future integration of smart sensors and Internet of things, “it is very nice to know that we are now ready to embrace the future“, says Mr. Mauricio Lebrecht.

The new Lumintell™ system doesn't only offer an additional energy and CO2 savings, it also creates a map of all LED luminaires, with their individual geo position. This mapping enables the service staff to find and service a luminaire via the integrated alarm systems in a fast and easy way.

The same Lumintell™ system was installed in the city of Talca. The Novalume company delivered to the technical department a new lighting network consisting of 27,000 LED streetlights, with a public Wi-Fi installation for the community. The system operates for now two years.


More info about our installations in Chile here:

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