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"New options for future-proof street lighting control"

Trafik & Veje, 09/2021, Vejbelysning (page 27-29)

In the September issue of Trafik & Veje, you can read on pages 27-29 about new options for future-proof street lighting control.

The municipalities are reluctant to establish individual control of the street lighting, as they demand a large degree of flexibility between the suppliers of control components and control system.

In collaboration with SEAS-NVE, Novalume Solutions has found a solution that provides the desired flexibility to the municipalities.

“There are now new opportunities to achieve greater flexibility in choosing suppliers while maintaining the lighting network in one system."

TALQ-certified suppliers ensure flexibility for the municipalities!

Novalume Solutions has integrated a standardized interface (TALQ gateway) into its solutions, which ensure easy and fast communication with SEAS-NVE Udelys' Control and Management System (CMS) CityLinx.

Read more about the Lumintell™ lighting control and management system here!

Read the full article (in Danish) below:

Trafik og Veje September 2021
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Celis. P. (September 2021), “Nye muligheder for fremtidssikring af gadelysstyring“, Trafik & Veje.


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