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Microsoft – “Intelligent streetlights increase safety and reduce energy, costs and CO2 footprint“

Novalume makes intelligent street lamps that are controlled centrally and intuitively. It requires a platform that is so broad that it can run in all languages and so simple to use that it becomes the first choice for energy and service companies as well as municipalities that want energy-friendly and efficient street lighting. This platform is called Lumintell™*.

Intelligent street lamps are climate-friendly

In many places, the old-fashioned street lamps have already been replaced with LED lamps. This has resulted in a significant CO2 saving of 50%. But there is more to pick up. By adding an intelligent technology layer, municipalities can control and adjust the light around the clock. This means that the light on clear days is dimmer than on cloudy days and thus the lighting follows the current weather situation. With Novalume's dimming profile, the municipalities can achieve an additional CO2 reduction of up to 30% as a result of reduced energy consumption.

Novalume has a turnkey and professional lighting control solution. We offer one of the best lighting control systems hosted on one of the world's best cloud systems

– Kim Krahl Larsen, CEO, Novalume

Illuminated cities are safer

Novalume has delivered intelligent lighting control systems to several cities in Latin and South America. Cities where crime and violence often occur. Illuminated cities are safer, and therefore intelligent street lighting has also led to increased security for citizens, who can now move more safely through the cities - even when it is dark. The intelligent lighting control systems mean that the municipality can see if there is anything near real-time problems with a street lamp because the light control sends an alarm if e.g. power failure or power theft occurs.

It reduces so-called down time considerably and helps to increase security.

“We wanted to make the use of lighting control as simple and innovative as possible for the customer and with Microsoft Azure you can integrate applications and link them to each other very easily and intuitively”

– Kim Krahl Larsen, CEO, Novalume

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*LUMINTELL™ er et dansk mærke tilhørende Novalume A/S registreret i Europa og andre lande.