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Intelligent street lighting as a good business case for cities

When done right, investing in intelligent street lighting pays.

That was the main takeaway from an intelligent outdoor lighting theme day last month that brought together technology companies, research institutions and municipalities from Denmark and Sweden at the DOLL Living Lab in Albertslund, Denmark.

Significant energy savings

Novalume was one of the companies presenting at the event, which had Lighting Metropolis as the lead organizer and was the first of several seminar days to be held as part of the Green Economy Project – a Lighting Metropolis initiative to inspire cities across Greater Copenhagen to switch to greener, high-quality public lighting.

Figures from Lighting Metropolis point to potential energy savings in Greater Copenhagen of 7,200,000 kWh per year from investing in intelligent and energy-efficient LED public lighting. This is equal to the annual energy consumption of approximately 1,800 homes.

Such significant energy savings are what lie at the center of the strong business case for intelligent public lighting solutions.

Maximizing savings and minimizing capital expenditure

Novalume’s CEO, Kim Krahl Larsen, CSO, Jakob Meiland Hansen, and Lumintell™ Manager, Thomas Mikkelsen, were there to discuss Novalume’s approach to Smart City lighting upgrades.

With its intelligent lighting capabilities, the Lumintell™  Smart City and Lighting Management System enables municipalities to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions by an additional 20%, on top of the savings from switching to LED.

What’s more, Novalume’s ‘pay-as-you-save’ financial model takes this business case one step further. Lighting Metropolis, referring to the industry in general, identifies costly upfront investment costs as being a potential barrier to upgrading to intelligent LED public lighting solutions, even if the investment eventually pays off.  Whereas with Novalume’s ‘pay-as-you-save’ financing there is a minimal upfront payment and your lighting solution quite literally pays for itself.

Read more about Novalume’s turnkey lighting solutions here.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your public lighting needs don’t hesitate to contact Jakob Meiland Hansen at or on +45 51 31 53 00.

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