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Business Review: “Wireless control of street lamps gives municipalities large energy savings“

The state-of-the-art system Lumintell from the Danish company Novalume accelerates municipalities' green transformation. Thanks to the Lumintell™ solution, it takes only a few minutes to make every street lamp ready for the network of the future in the smart city.

There is broad consensus that municipalities' network of street lighting will back up a large part of the sensor infrastructure in the city of the future. But even though Danish municipalities are on a stand-by mode in 2020 (often because they have no clear idea of which services they will use sensors for in the future and which they will outsource), they have no reason to wait to invest in the technology, because as soon as the installation is completed, the municipalities benefit immediately from a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, energy consumption and costs for optimisation and maintenance.

The municipalities can always start looking at the sensor possibilities at a later date - the Lumintell solution is prepared for the future.

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Danish technology for the whole world

Novalume was founded in 2016 and bases its Lumintell solution on its own software and hardware, which has been developed in Denmark. Novalume is involved in projects around the world with its Lumintell system. Lumintell has rounded 1.5 billion operating hours spread over 57,000 luminaires that have been made smart city-ready.

35,000 of them are connected in more than 20 municipalities on several continents. In addition to Denmark, Lumintell is running pilot projects in e.g. Italy and Chile, and Lumintell has exhibited its cutting-edge technology in Europe, Indonesia, Latin America and China.

In a pilot project, the municipality can in a few days get a clear impression of Lumintell's flexibility and the additive savings that the system entails on the municipality's energy consumption.

In Novalume's showroom in Ørestad and at DOLL Living Lab in Glostrup, municipalities, energy and service companies can see the Lumintell solution and see how quickly it is set up on the luminaires and online in the system.

If a municipality has already changed some of its luminaires to so-called "stupid" LED lamps that can simply be turned on, off and dimmed via a control cabinet or a daylight sensor, we have created a solution that can be easily mounted and make the LED lamp smart. This way you can update your entire system.”

Jakob Meiland Hansen, June 2020

Jakob Meiland Hansen, CSO at Novalume Solutions:

“Many municipalities doesn't know where to stand in relation to sensors, IoT and the services that technology enables. Which activities should the municipalities administrate and which ones should they outsource? Through sensors on the luminaire or streetlight, the smart city can offer services like traffic management, road pricing, smart parking and measure noise nuisance, air quality and pollution and so much more.”

The solution is implemented by mounting a Node on every streetlight. The Node is a wireless hardware-component, which is connected to a software-platform that is accessed through the internet. Afterwards, the grid of streetlights is connected to the Lumintell™ Cloud, where the municipalities can monitor and control the whole network of streetlights.

The municipalities can prepare themselves for the city of the future without having to make binding choices. "Sensors should be integrated when it's needed, not before." states Jakob Meiland Hansen.

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*LUMINTELL™ is a trademark of Novalume Solutions A/S registered in Europe and other countries.