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All Kids Deserve a Great Christmas

This year, Novalume and its employees have decided to give a financial support to the Danish non-profit organisation called “Dansk Folkehjælp“ (Danish People’s Aid), that provides assistance to vulnerable families in Denmark and abroad.

For Christmas, Dansk Folkehjælp organise a special campaign for kids called “Julehjælpen“ in which we have participated.

Thanks to charitable donations, the NGO has raised 14.7 million kroner (1.9 million euros) in 2018 and has been able to provide Christmas packages to 11,332 families in Denmark. Each Christmas package has a total value of 1,500 kroner (200 euros) and includes Christmas food, and vouchers for kids’ toys and sports clothing.

All kids deserve a great Christmas and we sincerely hope that we have contributed to create a magic atmosphere this Christmas.

If you are interested to support their campaign, you can donate online here

Merry Christmas to All!

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