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Here you can download corporate information about the company Novalume A/S


Novalume Corporate Profile (v7.9) ENGLISH

Code of Conduct

Novalume Code of Conduct 2021 DOWNLOAD

UN Global Compact & UN SDGs

Reports for United Nations Global Compact and our Communication On Progress (COP):

  • Novalume COP 2020 READ
  • Novalume COP 2019 READ
  • Novalume COP 2018 READ

Novalume Trademark

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Here you can get more details about the Lumintell™ Smart City solution


由於進行鍍膜施工事前工序較多,一般施工時間約 8 - 10 小時,亦會因應車身情況而加長,所以車輛可能有需要留車 1 晚;雙層鍍膜之施工時間約 48 小時

4D Coating Pro 接受哪些付款方式?

本店現接受以下付款方式 : VisaMaster、AE現金Payme、支付寶(HK)、轉數快 、八達通


星期一 至 星期日 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM **本店會因應客人需求作出變動,例如提早開門讓客人放低車輛返工.


需要,因為需要悉心安排各客人到店舖施工,避免客人到店舖時沒有位置進行施工。 預約熱線 : 6876 8141(支援 Whatsapp)


Here you can download technical data about the Lumintell™ Node and its Pole Adaptor


  • Lumintell™ Node NEMA CCU Datasheet (v2.0): DOWNLOAD
  • Lumintell™ Node NEMA LCU Datasheet (v2.0): DOWNLOAD
  • Lumintell™ Node Zhaga CCU Datasheet (v2.5): DOWNLOAD
  • Lumintell™ Node Zhaga LCU Datasheet (v2.5): DOWNLOAD
  • Lumintell™ Node Pole Adaptor (v1.5): DOWNLOAD


The Novalume A/S company is the owner of the Novalume trademark and its logo. Before publishing any material online or offline with the Novalume logo or Novalume trademarks, please ask for Novalume’s approval at


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