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Our distributors

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Global supplier of the Lumintell™ Smart City solution with a unique street light management system .

Contact: Jakob Meiland Hansen, CSO,, 51 31 53 00. Read more about Lumintell here.


Andel lumen is the supplier of smart street lighting in Denmark.

Contact: Bjørn Grubbe Rasmussen, Product Manager,

50 69 33 96. Website


Light By Sweden is the distributor of the Lumintell™ Smart City solution in Sweden. 


Contact: Mathias Norell, Sales Manager,,

+46 (0) 72 333 72 66. Website


Kauko International is the exclusive distributor of the Lumintell™ Smart City solution in Finland and Vietnam.


Contact: Kimmo Peltola, CSO,,  +358 40 538 9189. Website

Ecodesign Solutions_SAS.png

EcoDesign Solutions S.A.S. is the exclusive distributor of the Lumintell™ Smart City solution in Colombia. 


Contact: Edwin Escobar Brausin, Managing Director, +57 316 521 5242


Our partners


Microsoft Azure is a global platform that enables users to engage in agile cloud computing, and is designed for creating and managing apps through Microsoft's data centres. Azure (formerly kown as Windows Azure) is Microsoft's operating system for cloud computing. The Lumintell™ Intelligent LMS and the Lumintell™ Maintenance and Service platform has been designed in an Azure Environment. Read more about our collaboration hereWebsite


TALQ is the globally accepted standard for Smart City Lighting networks and provides answers to the main challenges of building really smart cities including increasing safety and comfort for inhabitants, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide. Novalume Solutions joins TALQ Consortium as an Associate Member in October 2020 to support interoperability and open integration of street lighting networks with Lumintell™. Website


In February 2020, Novalume Solutions joined the Zhaga Consortium as an Associate Member, to advance the deployment of Smart Street lighting in the public lighting market. “Thanks to the new Lumintell™ Zhaga Node and the new version of the Lumintell™ system, municipalities can now upgrade LED street lighting infrastructure with sensing and communication capabilities, while significantly improving the efficiency, maintenance and running costs of their lighting network“. Website


Since April 2021, the plug and play Lumintell Node is supported by the CityLinx™ Smart City Platform from BeeZeeLinx. Cities can improve their energy saving and maintenance processes by controlling, managing, monitoring and configuring any Smart City device in the streets and public buildings. Website

Become a Distributor or A Partner

Get in touch to see how we could work together in offering Lumintell™ – Novalume Solutions' state-of-the-art Smart City solution.


The benefits of becoming a Novalume Solutions partner include:


  1. One point of contact with complete Smart City solutions

  2. Up to 30% of additional energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions

  3. Between 30-50% reduction of maintenance costs

  4. Sustainable Lumintell™ technology with more than 1,5 billion running hours globally

  5. Easy and fast network deployment thanks to the new Lumintell™ Node and unique Lumintell™ Field App

  6. Optimized field maintenance thanks to the Lumintell™ System admin and the Lumintell™ Field App

  7. Danish company with strong international and local partners, focused on the green transition and innovative Smart City solutions.

  8. Global support during field installation and system deployment

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