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Holbæk Kommune, DENMARK

Holbæk Municipality expands their

Smart City system

Holbæk Municipality is clearly a pioneering municipality within the Smart City area. Since 2012, they have started incorporated Smart City equipment in their street lighting.

In the beginning of 2021, Holbæk Municipality offered a modernization project of approximately 3200 new street lighting luminaires with Zhaga socket, which means, they are ready for the installment of the Smart City solution.

The offer was granted Andel Lumen (formerly SEAS-NVE), who chose Lumintell™ as their Smart City system, as they wanted an “open” system, with great flexibility.

The switch to energy-efficient LED lighting with high performance and Lumintell™ Smart City solution has resulted in a significantly reduced energy consumption, which leads to an improvement of the atmosphere and quality of the street lighting. The replacement led to a reduction in both energy consumption and CO2 emissions, where Holbæk Municipality has a goal of reducing it by 70% in the end of 2030.

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